Monday, June 2, 2008

Knowing when its Time to Walk Away

Right now with all the turmoil, strife, murder & mayhem that oozes through every crack & crevices in our lives, the perception of the world if you listen to people is frightening if not downright scary...

While it may appear more than one can bear, it is also possible to see that change is happening. Serious change is often preceded by great angst. Those of us who are living far more privileged then well over 80% of the world have some how or another think that because we are going through changes that the sky is falling as Chicken Little declared.

We need not be Pollyanna and ignore what is happening because we should be paying attention, big attention. But we are too busy peering into a cracked mirror. Perhaps we should look from a standpoint of maybe; just maybe it is time to walk away. Walk away from things in the scheme of things that benefits the few at the expense of the many. Did we not think that sooner or later the chickens would come home to roost? Yet people will fight and argue and take issue with things real or imagined based on our expectation of what we think others should be giving to us rather than what can we all can for the greater good.

One thing I am not a fan of and take exception to is competition for the sake of competing. I know people, lots of people seem to get a real charge, and perhaps the charge is that it all they have to remind them that they are alive, or powerful or something to pass the time. Or they are really, really hurting and this is the only way they may know for a moment to extinguish some of that hurt.
People move each other around all the time because life has so much motion, constantly in flux, even when we are standing still.
So when anyone, I or any of you feel that they have to run rough-shod over others because of whatever need they may have at the moment that is so compelling that they would literally challenge, criticize read things into what is not even there are not actually having a issue with the person, but there is possibly a mirror being held up. Perhaps instead of believing that someone is out to harm you that maybe it is time to stop for a moment and pay attention to what you are seeing in that reflection. And at the end perhaps rather then to do retaliatory harm perhaps it may mean it is time to walk away in the interest of pursuing peace.

There are people whose behavior is always in a need/deprivation mode & won’t see what they are doing even when the mirror is held up. Sometimes the mirror is right there smack in your face or in more subtle reflection, but far too often allocating fearful of that veracity rather then the packaging we like in attendance that skewers our actions rather then see that the mirror is simply cracked and replacing it if vital to peace...

We've all have experience it one time or another in our lives that exercise in futility of competition whether it is with ourselves or someone else. Or is it sometimes coveting? Everyone has skills either they have developed or ignored or was told it would not measure up. So some may spend years, sometimes their entire lives being what I call the alpha wannabe's who in their head want to be a leader and may definitely have the skills to do it, but spend far more time banging up against people in a form or mental or emotional plagiarism, then they do in being that leader, author, designer person that they aspire to be. There will always be another alpha wannabe wandering among us and they come in all shapes forms, genders and age. They will always be one somewhere that will challenge you & then move on. ..

I firmly believe in power with not power over another person or group. There is so much in this lovely, generous, pregnant with possibilities, that there should be no reason for banging up against one another.. It is a challenge of all of us, I included, and to allow people to be who they are, but also know when it ain't working for you. And then it is time to walk away. Nowadays I see is it worth it? And it there is even a quiet no, then it is time to walk away.

All of us will lead at one time or another in some facet of life if they live long enough & the main challenge is will you be ready & able when that time after time before time comes upon you Then you have others that do lead and I admire those sorts as it is an awesome thing to see. They have to not only have the vision, drive & passion, but a good sense of self, a sense of humor and a resiliency that will carry them through when the wannabe alphas pop up.

And believe it or not there is nothing wrong with recognizing your strengths and weakness and giving respect to both. Even in all our flawed glory it just may be perfectly fine to be just like you are as long as we are cognizant of ones around us. However, the mental, emotional, spiritual plagiarism that people grabbed and hold onto for dear life will not be long lasting. It cannot go very far and serves no one. This particular methodology usually demean or dismisses the one doing, then sooner or later a mirror will stand up and reflect who they really are. & they cannot or will not handle it or adjust

But when you see someone stand up and make a difference in their lives it’s a sight to behold! I love seeing the humor, the different ways of seeing the world if for a moment through someone else's eyes in the way they manage this change. As they make that reallocation and really make a way, my excitement heightens and in some way make me know that all things are possible. I cheer all who are at whatever stage they are at and encourage to continue to reach out even if its baby steps or standing still to get a breather as they move to themselves.
A major shout out to all as we bear witness to a brand new day, a brand new world and the goodness that can impel/impel you forward to take action.
I cheer for me and I have come around the curve as in a spiral and in a new stage that puts my attention somewhere else.
Towanda! To all of us.
Ya Ya!

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