Saturday, June 28, 2008


In Bloom©08 photograph from Naturalized series-North Carolina Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney

Proudly struttin' in silver streaked slippers...
dazzling emeralds
with a verve....
energy illuminating the midnight sky.

Showering her gifts that whoops & shouts
Thrown about the heavens, her pungent scents.

Cinnamon, lemon of orange blossoms,
creamy magnolia held...

in the dark..

it seems.. .

an eternity.

Coming unannounced heralding with splendored golds & coppered grandeur...

with absolutely no delusions of what she will do.

The audacity!
Spilled heavy laden liquid jasmine...

This lagniappe elle!


Walking accordingly with faith, things not beheld
and proceeding with haste, not wavering

Grasping her bounty....


Big City Woman!

" Who are you?

Will you tarry awhile
Will you take leave...

quieter then you came?"

"No my sister...

I am here...

with you,

For you...

and by you.

for as long as you need me to.

I am you.

I will be called "Passion",

My name is ________
speak it carefully...

Speak of me well.
With all due respect....

So much will come, while I am here.
I will tarry awhile to gather up the stars

And sprinkle this confection generously to
light up the way....

Until you are ready to take up the walk,

And talk your talk

with silver streaked slippers illuminating a darkened sky."

All Rights reservedJHM©95

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