Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stand inside Yourself ©03

When the voices of the world go in quest to drown out all your dreams…
You must stand inside yourself.

When the downpour drenches your heart and your ears grow to heavy to hear…
You need stand inside yourself.

While the blistering sun threatens to scorch you to near ashes…
And boulders’ rain blows on what remains of your life…
You have to stand inside yourself.

As nothing will come from you’re compromising with your discomfort.
Or being reduce to a blank from defeat’s resignation.

When you accede to the world’s voices that craves to demolish you.

Cry if you must…

Storm if you dare.

But then listen to the voice that sang sweetly right under your breath.
And receive the courage to stand tall!

If you are drowning, tread water.
(You have nothing to lose).

When you stand still inside yourself.

And the downpour?

Use it!

To cleanse your heart.

And the heaviness can embolden you to be powerful.
Let the blistering sun’s scorches rid you of the ashes that need to be gone.
So resignation can be altered into being still and see the magnitude of Jah!
The blank face will change to a clean slate…

And the soul’s cry grows into a lustrous silence right below one’s breath.
When you stand inside yourself

(if you wanna).

All rights reserved JHM ©03

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