Thursday, June 19, 2008

Whsipers Getting Louder...

Jasmine Bloom photograph- Naturalized series©08

Have you ever notice that your actions have not been in sync with your words? That you have some action plan, a goal you feel you should achieve, but never get started let along finish it? That somehow we've been out of order in how we see or selves and what it is we do?

What we communicate to ourselves and then to a larger audience of the world sometimes in not harmonious with our dreams and desires.

We all know that 93% of communication is non-verbal, but we put so much emphasis on the 7% that we do not heed when our actions or that of another is screaming rather loudly at us but we dismiss it with "Oh hey/I didn't mean it" Or the classic "You misunderstood" when you understood very, very well.

It may be that perhaps the communicator is not comfortable or willing to as the young'uns say now "man up" or own up to the action and fear perhaps by admitting to the conduct may produce (and sometimes rightfully so) a negative reaction or response to the action. But if that fear is real, genuine & you do not want to deal with it, then perhaps you need to find another mode of behavior.

We all have to work diligently to make sure that our actions are in harmony with our declared goals. There isn't a whole lot that one can do about the behavior of another outside of not liking it, putting necessary distance or put up with it. But we all can have a whole lot to say about what we can change about ourselves

If we are the one instead with out of sync actions/words perhaps we need to reexamine. If it turns out what we say we want because we want to please someone else, then we can stop doing it. There that was easy, eh? No it isn't. It is normal and natural to want or value others. All of us are change agents at one time or another in our lives, whether we like it or not. The key thing is to do what is right for the betterment or good of us without it being to the exclusion of others.

How many times have we said or knew someone else who said (I guarantee it'll probably be easier to see this in someone else rather then ourselves) I deserve better then this" and then proceed not to do the thing that is better or deserving. Then we have other times when what worked well in the beginning stops working or we have grown to where we do not need that tool or skill as much as we had but continue to do it despite the fact that the results are not the same.

And redesigning or re-constructing it into something fresh and out of the ordinary seems to be more then we can fathom. But it isn’t, if we pay attention to the heart that is screaming and not try to shut it up (or down). Who made the decree that Xo r Z could not work with A or E?

Our heart may act by screaming "Stop" Turn around", "Go ahead, it’s all right"! How cool “, but we will disregard it for some unknown reason, even unknown to you. (Or is it?) And if it’s not working, then don't force it to work! If we have to tweak it, round out the edges, rewrite it, go all the weigh to Georgia and back to do it, then do just that.

By the same token you may have others who on the surface look as if to have your best concern, but something in you knows something are out of order. I am not talking about paranoia and overly exaggerated fear that someone is out to get you, but that unsettling "something ain't right" which is you instinct/ your intuition yelling at you.

Intuition is a series life experiences on fast forward & one we tend to dismiss far too easy. Though we live in a cultural mindset that could make one feel uneasy if in time we look, look again, pay attention to yourself that you will tell the difference between something new and innovated & not someone out to get you . One way or another, if you perceive your actions are incompatible with your words. Even if it is a whisper, take heed. It may not be the action that needs a readjustment, but what you consider your mission or goals. If it’s the mission or the action, make that move. The decision is yours for movement and at the end of the day you’ll savor every bit of the ride and be all the better person for it.

Now how cool is that?
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