Monday, June 9, 2008

Lift every voice quote

It is better to not see an insult then it is to avenge it~ Seneca

Sparks People Translation

Unfortunately, there are just some flat out negative people in the world. Everyone has run across someone, (maybe even a friend of yours), that always finds flaws in others. Sometimes, the person on the receiving end of an insult could be you. There are different ways to deal with this however. You can turn defensive, or send an insult right back at them, perhaps plot revenge for later on. Or, you could simply let it go. Why stress about some mean spirited comment someone said about you? Besides, they are only words. If it helps, try and think of a few positive aspects about yourself. Remember that was only one person’s opinion; there are others who do not feel the same way. The more and more you can forget about insults, the more relaxed you will be. So, as they say in New York, forget about it!

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