Monday, May 26, 2008

Be You...


It is not exhausting to be me
Actually its rather fun to be me, don’t you see?
I get to dream dreams that others may have put asunder…
As they plunder the fragments of other souls’ lives…
Looking for the I don’t knows that be you.
And shudder to think that in that folly, by golly, that being you is not wearing…
But challenging
And engaging & exhilarating.
Humbling & humorous…
Lightness & yes some darkness.
But yet the sun keeps on rising
Warming & lighting…
And the waters will replenish
And the grass will stay green & the birds will chirp
And people will fall in love
With luscious food to they seek & eat.
And I get to see it all from close up and sometimes afar.
Grabbing at lightning bugs placing them in a jar
Then releasing them on their way, sometimes long before the month of May.
It is not exhausting being me, oh say can you see?
Be you…
Not me
There is so much to relish for thee.
Be you…
Not me
It is not exhausting you see?
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