Monday, May 19, 2008

Sounds of the Men art 2000

I f jazz was a color, what color would it be?

Blue as in 'mo better?
Cobalt, azure, teal,
Sapphired, indigoed midnight sky?

If jazz was a'll fire up red hot!
Cinnamon salsa, mustard tinged lavender lace.
Improvising multiple patterned hues & blues..


Effortless blacks & whites!
Shading elegant brocades in smoky velvet

Billie, Sarah, Duke.
Fly a way Bird!
Groove on Wash- ing- ton!
(No Kenny G here)!

Miles awake,
Miles high!
Miles wide

Colors erupting like a Cannonball!
If jazz was a color, the color would be what the eyes see...
Blue! As in mo betta…
All rights reserved ©97JHM

Featured at the American Jazz Museum exhibition "If Jazz was a Color"? 2006-07

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