Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Hear a Symphony 4-17-08 Fit Matters

“The woman who wants to lead the orchestra must turn her back on the crowd”.James Crook

Everyone wants praise and attention for a job well done; receiving recognition is euphoria and plain old feels good. But it is not with a lot of hard work. When we hear of people who are an “overnight” success we sing their praises. Then wonder how or why I can’t do the same. We don’t realize that what seems overnight, really was years of hard work, sacrifice and determination.

But to do those things one also needs to have vision and clarity to see the realization that vision means lots of work. You have to believe even when you think about not believing. It helps to have a sense of humor, not sweat the small stuff and pay attention to your language how you speak of yourself, to yourself and to others even in humor which oftentimes is masking hurtful things with a little sweetness. In a wellness journey, so much attention is given toward what we are not doing right rather then what we are. Be still and listen to the things we berate ourselves with when we have an “oopsy”. So you went over your caloric intake by 250 calories. Ok…But does the “punishment” need to fit the “crime”? Is it necessary to even punish yourself? When did having a donut become a crime?

Why do you need someone to kick your hiney or beat up on you so you can be impelled to do something about your weight? First of all kicking your own derriere’ hurts (if it was anatomically possible) and someone else beating up on you is an assault! Shame or blame will not bring change!

If it was successful we would not have a near pandemic explosion of obesity to begin with. So why not be your own leader, remembering that you are the one conducting this orchestra and to do so means you just may have to turn your back on the crowd. The crowd being the one telling you what you cannot do rather then cheering you for what you can. Of telling you that wellness is a size 00 & until you look like a poster child for famine relief you are not an acceptable human being. Let your body aid you in what fits well. You take the lead and are in charge of this extraordinary reinvention of your life. See what it is that you want that’s in front, not what wasn’t that’s behind (you).

I read recently this here on : “Recognition is good, but you lead…pay attention to the group in front of you, not the ones watching behind you. Spectators will soon forget about you, but those you led will remember” It may not be easy, but it can be done and will be because it is you who will orchestrate this time.

You are the one conducting this symphony.

How cool is that!

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