Thursday, May 22, 2008

Accepting the Goodness

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Then pray tell, I implore, for anyone to give a good answer with this but why is it getting harder and harder for ones to be gracious to themselves and accept goodness?

Goodness is according tho the dictionary "the quality & state of being morally excellent". So then what makes it so hard to be receptive to moral excellence? No matter what packaging it comes in, accepting goodness for some is fraught with angst, suspicion, trepidation, being analyze to death and often times tossed away becomes one is afraid.
Could it be that somehow we have reached a stage of beliving or acting like we are not worthy of moral excellence in whatever form it comes in? Is there a part of us that thinks we are not good that because our imperfections that we do not deserve or can handle excellence? Though I fall down more ties then I care to admit, excellence still appeals to e and I still strive mightily to attain it, to be a better sort of person then I was the day before though there are always deflcetos that want to insist that you are not.
There was a book out years ago that was called “If you See the Buddha on the side of the Road, Kill it”. I never read the book but I liked the title. A psychologist-friend once told me that summarizing the book: "People are really afraid of accepting goodness when the packaging is something not familiar. Rather then wait a moment the internal fears that drives those shifts into overdrive and in essence we kill the messenger”.

Can we count the times when we in essence try to kill the goodness? Or allow external things giving people, time or things carte blanche permission to hijack our ability to have health,wellness, peace, bliss, joy or goodness. I do not mean an absence of pain or suffering, I mean health, the just plain ole feeling oh so good that we cannot stand ourselves to know immeasureable joy that comes from being of good service, to have a mission accomplished or being a decent person. To think or be just giddy delirious with bliss. And if we dare just for a few minutes even, someone will reminf us of others' suffering of people that are starving on the earth, or murdered, harmed, diseased, gobal warming, etc.
However the dire examples are usually from these deflectors, stem not from a genuine concern for the very real, very palpable sufferings in the world, but more from telling you Shame, shame Shame! Who told you you can feel good? And yet, I believe you can still have joy which often time will give you the impetus to come to the aid of others' sufferings, because you know what suffering isn't good.
Then there are those of us who in a moment of accepting goodness may look around passing the time looking for the shoe to drop. There has always been this underlying, punitive “there is no pleasure in the world without suffering every minute, you are so wrong for feeling too good today” mindset, so we drop the shoe, feeling guilty because others are suffering.

And oh yes there are people who keep that subculture going because it is profitable for them. Our culture has downgraded seemingly in taking more pleasure in people’s perceived downfall rather then all they have and can accomplish. In essence, we want to kill the Buddha instead of accepting the good.

The next time someone wants to give you the “Who do you think you are doing or being________________(you fill in the blanks) tell them, if you are so inclined, with your shoulders thrown back and your head erect, “Let me show you who I am”! Better yet, smile and wish them on their way. There cannot be a reaction without action.

Reaction is without thinking and is a regressive not a progressive way of seeing yourself & it is almost dishonorable that we deprive ourselves and by association others to be purposeful, happy & of service. And it is hard to be those things if your body, heart and mind is hurting. So when deflectors come (and they will), are troubled or nervous because you have stepped out, be mindful that it is their script & while they are attempting to put you in the starring role, you did not audition, nor do you have to accept the part.

Accepting the goodness in feeling proud as you walk, meditate, job dance your way to wellness is an inalienable right, not a privilege.

Now how cool is that?

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