Monday, April 13, 2009

What a Beautiful

Absolutely lovely poem written by a friend in South Africa!

What a Beautiful

By Gail Hayes-Banks©09

What beautiful irises, so diaphonous and luminescent and almost virginal
For new beginnings.
Translucent and alluring the heart on
To what might be in the future.

Peace radiates from them
and hope too
And mysteriously they taunt one to look at them and through their petals
to a beckoning world awaiting beyond what can be seen through.

Like pearls they have an inner radiance and warmth
Defined by that centred yellow
That mellow yet energetic lively primary colour
Like an inner sun that invites one

Come out to play in the lifegiving atmosphere of
Purity and let fragments of life lead you on to
A new path when my radiance and life is gone
As all is impermanence and renewal.

Seasons of life and movement
and decay and renewed spring
From that which we see today but which wil become tomorrow
A different thing.

Blow with the winter wind and the summer breezes
Wherever and for as long as your rhythmic heart pleases
And when you have found that place that prompts you to rest
Lay you down and place a pile of irises on your breast.
All right reservedGHB©09

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