Sunday, April 19, 2009

Be You.. Be Me ~Moving to 60 in 2010

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I wrote the beginning of this late 2008 when it dawned on me at that time in under 2 years I will have entered my 6th decade and what that meant to me & just this week finished it. I am excited and as I am now less then 16 months away from it I want to have "60 things to do before I turn 60" campaign. It is not and will not be fear base as I do not see it as that but more of a celebratory declaration of having made it thus far. I've taken risks albeit at times have fallen smack on my generously endowned fanny, but none the less I did it and I cannot see my 6th decade as being any less & perhaps even being more. What I have noticed is even now I have a growing impatience with some people and somethings who still feel it is imperative to tell me how or what to do that whatever it appears that I am (or not doing) is up to their standards yet I do not see them as living a superior life , an excused life or(egads!) even a life at all. It is true enough that it may be (for them) different then what I am doing or desire, but let them do what they do and so I will do the same

So this is for me and for all of them:

Be You.. Be Me
Moving toward age 60 in 2010
By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney ©09

Charging into
Not very quietly
As one can see into the sixties
With panache & flair…
As in a Cajun 2 step
& a
Zydeco boogie…
Tread not
Steppin out
For all the sixties can glow
& be...
Bigger then 1960
Could ever had imagined
Polished, poised & primed
So I tell you
Be You & I’ll be me...
High stepping with no impunity
Let me say it again
Be You
And I’ll be me
Sixty &
Oh so Free"
All rightsreservedJHM© 09

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