Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stole away Quilt

"Stolen Away" Quilt photo shot at Horton Slave Row, Stagville Plantation, North Carolina. Quilt was actually stolen when on display in Greensboro,NC event. I had purchased from an elderly woman from Mississippi who was being exploited by her "rep" at an exhibition in New Orleans in 2003. I could not stand to see her not being paid well for her labor & paid the asking price but slipped her a few hundred more. it broke my heart when someone decided they wanted it more then I.

It is just now I can speak of it...

Stole Away Quilt
By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney©09

When you stole away the quilt with nary a thought
of its grieved away heartbreak/ you took with you/ snatching away/ a something that was not yours to have/ when you stole away that quilt/ of 88 years of living/whose breath/has now been stolen/when the life/was blown away/lost now/ with Katrina winds/in a Mississippi rising/when you stole away that quilt/wrinkled hands/
matching brow/with sounds ‘n symbols/of kidnapped lives/ that were seized/when you
stole away that quilt
All right reserved JHM 4-1-09©

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