Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nature Call

I wrote this when I lived in a very tiny isolated town of Amite La several years ago. It was a challenge and a major culture shock for me. Despite the challenge,I wrote a serious body of poetry during that isolated time. I was fascinated in how the weather operated and the shifting in the rhythms...

The Dance
Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney©03

As the chocolate colored sky strikes the first chord…
And the night creatures emerge for the dance.
I gaze at a calypso of lightning bugs weaving to and fro…
In the silhouettes of the tall trees soften by the foggy scrim.
And while awaiting in the shadows…
The moon takes up its baton.
And the stars lean forward in rapt attention.
In the wings, I waited for the choir of night birds to begin its first selection.
While the night creatures alight for the dance.
All rights reservedJHM Nature Call chapter 3-6-03©

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