Thursday, April 9, 2009

And the Stargazer Wait

As National Poetry Month continues and my poem a day from unless otherwise noted,is mine.

I wrote this poem in honor of one of my favorite columnist & authors, Dr. Martha Beck, who wrote the book aming others "Steering by Starlight" and a regular columnist for O magazine and well as a host of other accomplishments. it was something that resonated in me about her metaphor of the stargazer that we all share as humans who know where our desire, ambition, hopes & dreams dwells. it is a matter of trusting that you do indeed have an ability to know what you can and should do and when you are ready, really ready to expand your horizons or move mountains, hills or a mound to do what you are meant to do,you will.

So here's to you, Dr.Beck as I have gotten my creative groove back!

And the Stargazer Waits
By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney ©09

And the stargazer waits/
Holding in a moon laced courtyard /sometimes with/ hilarity/ elation.
Raring to go/ wrapping up a recollection/ not yet/ invented by me
As I bumble & stumble along…
Looking for/ that right spot/ for me/ to come /to my senses
And the stargazer waits/ uncomplaining/ in the not too/ far away time/ for me to draw closer/ to the come hither issue from/

quite some time ago… /
And the stargazer waits /
Even if I paint the wrong key/ she bestow/ upon me/ a microscopic wink.
That it will be there in its entire splendor as methinks
All rights reservedJHM4-8-09©

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