Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Night Sky~ Launching of a Poet

A poet wrote this I will let her own words speak for her:

"I was inspired to write this back on Valentine's Day 2005 when seeing the stars in the skies over rural Marion County, Oregon. I had not shared it with anyone in public readings ... until this year! One on my sister poets and I got into a discussion about lullabies and folk music...and of course I told her of Rick Springfield's CD that I really like so much. I told her I had recorded a CD of lullabies for my grandson using traditional folk songs I sang to my daughter...and the poet said to me, why don't you write an original lullaby for your grandson?I may just do that someday...but it was at that point that I realized that my poem from back then was really more of a "lullaby" than a love/romance poem. So that conversation it emboldened me to read my poem "The Night Sky" publicly on Saturday 4/19/09...and so I'll now share it with you"

The Night Sky

By Sabrina Messenger©05

Did you know that...

ALL of the stars in the Universe

that were and are still forming

in the galaxies

are actually mine, yours & other people's wishes?

Why, several millennia of those

hopes and dreams

are still illuminating the sky!

A few of those stars are composed of pleas and invocationsof the ancient ones, of secret thoughts and desires of the ancestors frommany centuries gone by.

Some stars represent goals set by we who are alive today Other stars denote grandiose plans we make for those who will livein future generations

Sometimes wishing on stars is a free form of therapy, It's a most Romantic wayof coping with uncertaintyand difficult situations

Astrologers are certain

that one's entire fate lies the stars....

Astronomers say


Don't believe folk wisdom

of the ignorant masses"...

Everyone knows

It is a scientific fact

that stars are merely atoms,

Formed by dust, heat & interstellar gasses!

Well, I don't believe either one of them!

For when I gaze heavenward & whisper...

that time honored incantation

"Star light...

Star bright...

First star I see tonight"

I see the hopes of the world...

In all those constellations—

In shooting stars...

I see universal fantasies taking flight!

Despite the confusion and disillusion we feel at times

and the chaos that fills us with fear and anxiety

I believe the Lord hears my prayers

Sent via starlight express

And that He is truly there...

to watch over...


And comfort me.

Next time...

When walking on a lovely rural evening

Far away from noise pollution

And the lights of the city

You might try wishing on stars

So that you may be receiving calmness...

Inner peace and gaining...

that special moment of clarity

All right reserved SM ©2-14-05

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