Monday, April 13, 2009

And from he Oher Side of he World

Like Kisses in the Moonlight

By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney©01

Like kisses in the moonlight, this newfound time honors my heart replete.
What a treasure it is, to be so complete.
Are there words big enough to include the possibilities?
If I dare dance a tango in the streets?

You must call back your heart to impeach all times past.
So caught up in turbulence, Tossing & turning oh so fast!

Are we set adrift into complex swirls & cascading waterfalls?
Listening for the call set to mind...
To say it is time, it is time.
Is it yet? Nay not yet, not yet for thee.

Those kisses in the moonlight that belong to me.
A yearning mesmerized with privation dances a tango for a fee…
Then transports it away on a sweetened baby's breath…
While I sat having tea by the sea.

Moving cool, moving cool,
I search high and low like a fool…
For the elusive freedom of youth; a sanctuary sugared in honey, money.
That seemed to have sashayed past me by while I slept.

Like kisses in the moonlight, I want to say to thee…
Prepare your heart; to receive golden clouds…
So much like that adoration that wants to revel in me.

Never wavering, nor faltering, not revoking...
For the love you put an order for.
Grow in the saturated fullness of a free woman, a treasured woman…
Absolutely whole and complete, never a bore.

There will be no levy on my heart, only a caress that fetches and finishes...
The solemn prayers of future echoes and relinquished past aches.
Like kisses in the moonlight & skipping pebbles across the lake.
And lets tend to our toes that wiggles in sweet clovers as we recline by the lake.
While lightening bugs dances a tango with me.

All rights reservedJHM ©01

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