Monday, April 13, 2009

And from the other end of the Continent

I thought this was a beautiful poem. And musing if we can identify with the sentiments from something over 3,000 years ago why is it so hard that we have difficulty relating to each other today?

(1537 BCE)

This poem is anonymous but it was translated by Esra Pound and Noel Stock.

The book is World Poetry
Edited by Kathryn Washburn, John S. Major and Clifton Fadiman.

You mine my love,

My heart strives to reach the heights of your love,

See, sweet, the bird-trap set with my own hand.

See the birds of Punt,

Perfume a-wing

Like a shower of myrrh

Descending into Egypt.

Let us watch my handiwork,

The two of us together in the fields.

The shrill of the wild goose

Unable to resist

The temptation of my bait.

While I, in a tangle of love,

Unable to break free,

Must watch the bird carry away my nets.

And when my mother returns with birds,

And finds me empty-handed,

What shall I say?

That I caught no birds?

That I myself was caught in your net?

Even when the birds rise

Wave mass on wave mass in great flght

I see nothing, I am blind

Caught up as I am and carried away

Two hearts obedient in their beating

My life caught up with yours

Your beayty the binding.

Without your love, my heart would beat no more;

Without your love, sweet cake seems only salt;

Without your love, sweet 'shedeh' turns to bile;

O listen darling, my heart's life needs your love;

For when you breathe, mine is the heart that beats.

With candour I confess my love;

I love you yes, and wish to love you closer;

As mistress of your house,

Your arm placed over mine.

Alas your eyes are loose.

I tell my heart;"My lord

Has moved away. During

The night moved away

And left me. I am like atome'.

And I wonder:Is there no sensation

Left,when you come to me?

Nothing at all?

Alas those eyes which lead you astray,

Forever on the loose.

Yet I confess with candour

That no matter where else they roam

If they roam towards me

I enter into life.

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