Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Po*e*try- Mr. Josephus Thompson~Aggie Pride

Miranda Wu,photographer©11

The Size of her Soul

The sun could rise and set in the size of her soul
Not his story, but her story
The fabric of life sewn together by the treads of struggle and sacrifice
Time and space
Jolly, bold, giving and determined
Gifted, blessed, encouraged, and loved
Rising from the depths of the lower 9th ward with patches of expression
Lines of life, poetry in motion
Cotton that speaks volumes
Textiles that teach and inspire
Vibrant yellows, oranges and purples
Hues of peace and understanding, passion and purpose
Patterns of elegance stitched by circumstance
Similar to the moon in her name
Her life’s light that which illuminate the night sky and inspire us to push through dark times
Leading with inspiration and faith to safety
To higher ground where foundations are built
Where survival is learned
Where concern doesn’t begin and end with self
Where preservation is about community, family and responsibility
For her it all comes together so simply and naturally
Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney

Mr. Josephus Thompson III, poet

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