Thursday, April 14, 2011

Be Still My Heart-Charles & Trishaa's Anniversary

 Happy Anniversary.
April 14,2011

                  Be Still My Heart
By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney © 01

Be still my heart...
lest I will chance.
Because romance has entered...
Took hold
simply, sweetly, completely
And wants to dance...

Speak to my eyes
what my heart cannot say....

Poetry is the promise  of dreams,
a hint of what the Heartspeaks.
Insight of a grand sweetness.
A sweep of your hand across my brow.
Shining eyes that shimmer promises, not yet sung.
I longed for the warmth of your caress.
A glistening tear that crystal clear & speaks of our romance.

Soundlessly of my pain in your heart.

Kisses that move the heavens.
Shared memories of times long past.
Speak to my eyes what my heart cannot say..
Breathlessly embracing
Sweet & sway,
that we dance to a tuneless melody that only your heart
Speaks to me...
Promises of what to come..
Yearned for.
That's found crystal glass
that my eyes hear and my heart has yet to say.

Be still my heart,
lest I will chance
Because romance has entered..
Took hold
and simply, sweetly, completely...
And wants to dance.
 Al Rights ReservedJHM ©1998

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