Saturday, April 9, 2011

Poetic License~Alice Walker



I have a friend 
who is turning gray, 
not just her hair, 
and I do not know 
why this is so. 

Is it a lack of vitamin E 
pantothenic acid, or B-12? 
Or is it from being frantic 
and alone? 

'How long does it take you to love someone?' 
I ask her. 
'A hot second,' she replies. 
'And how long do you love them?' 
'Oh, anywhere up to several months.' 
'And how long does it take you 
to get over loving them?' 
'Three weeks,' she said, 'tops.' 

Did I mention I am also 
turning gray? 
It is because I adore this woman 
who thinks of love 
in this way. 

Ms. Alice Walker,poet


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