Friday, April 8, 2011

Poetic License~Trapeta B. Mayson

I love the phrase "long to be static free". 

I Long To Be 

by Trapeta B. Mayson © 
I long to be static free 
Confusion, chaos free 
I want to be around wash and wear folks 
Just leave me on the line to dry on breezy days folks 
I hate when people press me 
Depress me, Oppress me, want to Suppress me 

I simply long to be 
Without complicated label, temperature controls 
Special instructions 

I long to be static free 
Free from the cling, the pull 
The situations sticking to me 
Like stubborn lint balls on wool 
Give me folks that's into cotton, into naturals 
Without fanfares, Sunday go to meet attire 
I don't want nothing tight on me, upsetting me 

I don't like drama, performances 
Requiring costumes, clown attire, masks 
Just leave me on the line to dry 
On breezy days with other wash and wear folks 

I long to be 
Static free, confusion, chaos free 
No need to press me 
No need to press me 

From her book “Mocha Melodies”© 

Ms.Trapeta B. Mayson,poet

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