Friday, April 15, 2011

Poetic License 'tis true..This true

Boy I needed to read this today...

age 27

If We Only Understood

By Charles Taze Russell ©1912

Could we draw aside the curtains...
That surrounds each other's lives.
See the nakd heart and spirit...
Knows what spur the action gives.

Often we would find it better,
Puer than we judge we would.
We would love each other better,

If we only understood.
Could we judge all deeds by motive...
See the good and bad within.
Often we would love the sinner.
All the while we loathe the sin.
Could we know the powers working?
To o'erthrow intergrity.
We would judge each other's error.
With more patient charity.
If we knew the cares and trials...
Knew the effort all in vain?
And the bitter disappointments.
Understood the loss and gain.
Would the grim external roughness...
Seem, I wonder, just the same?
Would we help where we now hinder?
Would we pity where we blame?
Ah, we judge each other harshly...
Knowing not life's hidden force;
Knowing not the fount of action;
Is less turbid at it's source.
Seeing not amid the evil...
All the golden grains of good.
Oh, we love each other better.
If we only understood.

All rights reservedCTZ©12
From "Poems of Dawn"

Charles Russell 1909 age 57

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