Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Way to be Okay~Great Expectation or Greater Appreciation...

Expect nothing;Appreciate everything"~Unknown 

Right off the bat I can say I appreciate this quote on appreciation. 

I appreciate organic tomatoes: 


I appreciate warmth when it is too cold 

And coolness when it is too hot. 

I appreciate clean water: 


And the availability to drink it freely: 

I appreciate laughter & Bugs Bunny: 

Finding humor when their is so much sadness 
And I appreciate being able to hear the laughter. 

I appreciate feeling deeply when there are many are too numb to feel at all. 

I appreciate being 60 when far too many do not get out of childhood, adolescent or experience young adulthood. 

I appreciate grandeur 


And awesome-ness even at night:


I appreciate the arts in all its genres, 



*Music in all its forms: 




I appreciate love both small & large 
And seasoned with cayenne:

In stolen moments: 

I appreciate purple sofas: 

And red lipstick: 

And great perfume: 

**Beautiful flowers, gardens and natural spaces: 


I appreciate friendships long ones and short ones: 


I even appreciate those who show who they are, so I know not to be that way: 

I appreciate even more who show kindness so I can be that way more: 

I expect to continue to do the same in 2011. 

All Rights ReservedJHM©10
 *Photographs by Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney©10
 **Photography by Jackie Walker©09

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Aude said...

Nice post, and lovely choice of images. Very touching and a good reminder to appreciate what we have in life, even if it feels it's not much, or not enough, at times.