Monday, December 20, 2010

Twilight Sounds

This was a lovely 15 minute experience this evening:

Uptown house~

I just came in here in early twilight checking for the mail when I noticed nestle in between the old Victorian house across the street and some trees this beautiful, glorious full moon beginning it ascent skyward.  As I was admiring it and the tickle of my chimes ringing out the pentatonic scales in baritone. The melody in my chimes are the sounds of what became the song Amazing Grace, but in actuality it was a West African sorrow chant sung by enslaved Africans from Sierra Leone in the belly of the ship.  At that time, John Newton in 1748, a slaver who turned away from slavery and penned Amazing Grace. At the Library of Congress when you see the copy it said written by John Newton, melody unknown

Normally I would not use a link like this but the information is excellent.  Please listen to this very brief demonstration & lecture by Wintley Phipps.  I wished there was another taping with simply the lecture, but this is it ;good historical facts:

Then I noticed or heard rather, rolling on the winds on my street ever sound lovingly was the sounds of a trumpet,  intermingling almost in  a deliberate concert with my chimes.  Whomever it was really knew how to play! I forgot what I went outside for!

It was haunting and clear. I just stopped for a few minutes to listen.

Only in New Orleans...

Uptown Sidewalk~All Rights Reserved JHM©10

Breathe in..breathe out...
All Rights Reserved JHM©10

Info on John Newton:

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