Saturday, December 4, 2010

Way to Slay~Arriba arriba, Andalay! Andalay.(Rise up let's go!)

"Arriba arriba, Andalay! Andalay

Arriba means Up or Above used loosely as in,"Rise up let's go". 

Andalay is a sort of slang term for, "Lets go,or lets get going". So basically he is saying, roughly, "Rise up, lets get going!" in a very motivational way...

I, despite my intentions to the contrary, ended up encouraging myself despite the fact that I had wanted to indulge in my own misery today .  All it took  to change that plan was a blast from the past, two  of my favorite cartoon characters from my childhood Speedy Gonzales & Underdog...

I had a long conversation with a  very dear friend of mine who was struggling releasing some of her own struggles and avoiding what I thought were intentional  holding on to circumstances that wasn't worthy of her attention  rather then let them stand or fall where they may.  

Now what on earth has either scenario have to do with lifting myself up, you may wonder?

Well I'll tell you...

The whole time I was talking to her, I was reflecting on my own circumstances and trials not unlike what many others are experiencing or will come to experience, wondering why people seem to be uncaring, unconcerned or blaming with skewed misinformation.
I've been so terribly disappointed over decades of seeing how I did not matter to many folks who had been in and out of my life. No it was not a perception, but a sad reality starting in my childhood from ones failing to advocate for me through most of my adult life.

For the record, no it is not a "Woe is me" tale... It is an acknowledgement giving a dignity and a respect to the facts of my life then & to some degree now. However, in  the final anlysis before the end of the day, no matter what others may say, perceive or do, I have "rise up & let's go".  I have the vested interest in how my life turns out no matter what.  So I can agonize as my friend was doing or  I can do what I have done kept getting up, somehow getting up, despite, sniggles,smirks, "how dare she" and a host of other snide put-downs, some ugly real downs and some will snatch the very air from your throat times... 

I get up.

 I knew, I knew that there was much more to me that these folks did not want to see or perhaps they  ignored or even maybe feared.  They were astute enough to see the moxie in me even when I doubted my own self.  Or question the veracity, my willingness to speak truth, even when it was a whisper in my heart, that I was way better then the decree they wanted to put on me.

So today as I was encouraging my friend, I realized that I was indeed also talking to myself too as in: 
"Areeba areeba...Undalay undalay!(Rise Up!! Get going!)"

It don't matter at the end of the day (not completely true) what other people think!  You have to do what is right for you, what will work for you & by George before the day end you will have exactly what you need, what you want despite all the evidence that may seem contrary to that truth.

So in the words of my other favorite cartoon character Underdog:

"There's no need to fear, Underdog is here"!

 It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a frog! A FROG? It's not bird, nor plane, nor even's just little old me, Underdog!

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