Saturday, January 8, 2011

Creating the Zone~Steppin' Out on a High Note

Today I woke up feeling mighty good despite the lingering effects of the flu.  Sometimes I get my best creative ideas when I am sick. I'll spare you all the technical reasons why it happens, but I've been told by reliable sources that when you body is concentrating on one thing (in this case the flu), it lowers any restrictions or inhibitions in another area (creating).

I know it to be true in my case.

Contrary to popular,contemporary belief, human beings do not multi-task (well).  Our brains are not hardwire to do several things and do them well although we convince ourselves that we are.  The more we learn about the brain, the more scientists are learning why  the way we do the things we do.

I think that is a good thing to let go of feeling we HAVE to do everything right now at the same moment at the same time...

For me, yesterday's creative bursts I believe has allowed for today's high notes. It would be ok to say it the hormone such as endorphins, dopamine yada yada yada, coursing through the veins.  I just think its more but its more fun just to enjoy the high note.

In fact at this moment as I refining the quilt, "Steppin' Out on Dat High Note" for my contribution to the exhibit for the  American Jazz Museum/Buttonwood Art Space.

 "The Note Illustrated~Swingin' Visual of all things Musical" 

opening in a few weeks.  

So I say, let the good times roll (creatively speaking)...

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Aude said...

Ah, I need to get sick more often, then! I am sure it's true, we get so caught up in the daily spinnings of life (chores, work,etc, which I find highly distracting from creativity, and not in a good way). When sick, we can ponder, relax, think, envision.

Yes, now let the good times roll, take advantage of what you gained while recovering. Looks like you are too!