Friday, March 27, 2009

A Written Thought

Well Hello
(And welcome back)

By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney ©09

I found you, at last.
For awhile/ I thought/ l had lost you/ not knowing/ where you had gone off/ to.
Saddend me to such a point/Not knowing/ when or why
I set aside myself/ to such a point/ that I ended up/ putting me on layaway/forgetting where I put the receipt/ losing me
Which was not the plan/ course of action/ I purported
So my loss/ indeed was/ twice over
Losing you/ then losing/me
Staring off/ way off the beam/in the wrong place
That were simply not the in the right spaces/When in actuality/ you were not far away.
Just waiting/ waiting/waiting & s’more waiting/for me to look up into/ the right direction/ to spot you/ up on a hill/ not far from a valley of deficiency
You had not/ abandoned me/ which was a good thing.
But indeed/ had I really/ let you down?
Or had I simply seen/ things through a prism/ shooting images in willy nilly being all silly
And I accepted/ the most inaccurate one/ though I should have known better?

But for now/ that is totally irrelevant /as I am /beside myself to/ have you back!
All the places & times/ I said/ I searched for you/ in them were an adventure/ not always in Paradise
Not always/ the right ones/ at the right time to see/ for me to see.
Of all things/ it took a ant/a little ant/ that spark off /the aha/ that made me look in a different direction/And then/ (aha!)/ I grasped hold/ & held on.

with all my strength & my might/ that you were so near/ very dear to me.

All rights reservedJHM©3-27-09

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