Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good Company, Lovely Music & a Good All from a cup of tomatoe bisque

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Today I went to a place called "Ruthie B's" in Springfield, Or

It is a combination antique store that houses a bistro. But not your run of the mill bistro. In each section of the store they have tables & chairs set up to dine. All their dinnerware are mistmated antiques. So there is a sense of privacy yet people mill around to shop without being intrusive on your "space". In another part a pianist performed live setting a very nice ambiance.

My understanding is the owner started 3 decades ago in a little trailer and expanded into this. It is a great space, having good company only amplified the experience. Even the restroom was stuffed with antiques...

I had a wonder tomatoes bisque wit basil & sprinkle with Parmesean and a turkey bacon sandwich that was killer. It wa the right amount w/o feeling stuffed. I wandered around a little while she was checking out and stumbled on a gorgeous signed reproduction of a 1920's brooch by a New York artist.

I did not have the money on me to pay for it but the woman I was with was friends with the owner and Miz Ruthie not only knocked off $30 but is holding it for me for a week! So Miz Jane is taking me back there for lunch again next week so I can pick it up and have some more of the delicious tomatoe bisque!

And then after getting home what would be in the mail but my 2 crochet necklaces that was handcrafted for me by a sister in Northern Cali. It's called "Starry Eyes" made of antique buttons and crystals that was in her grandmother's collection of buttons. My other ones was a little simpler called Ebony & Ivory.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely place and outing, I am glad to hear how you are enjoying yourself. I meant to tell you how much I like your heading, the huge image of the fullmoon with the word metamorphosis, just beautiful! om

Sandra said...

Hey Sis Moon,

Girl I love the way you can paint a picture with words. Even though you posted some pictures your description was the most vivid. You know I'd also love the recipe for that tomato bisque. Can't wait to see a picture of your treasure once you pick it up. Thanks for the muse.