Thursday, March 26, 2009


Excellent thoughts by the Self Esteem Doctor Jewel Diamond Taylor

Have you ever had a new love, friend, opportunity or blessing show up in your life and you didn't believe it because of your past hurts and disappointments? I recall frying chicken on a hot summer day while pregnant with my first son. The hot grease popped and burned my chest badly. I didn't fry chicken for 20 years because, in my mind, frying chicken equaled pain.
I "over learned" an experience. The scar has since healed, but the emotional scar lasted an unrealistically long time in my mind. Sometimes we make illogical decisions to protect ourselves from pain. The opposite happens when we repeat painful and costly lessons in life over and over again. We "under learn" an experience because we don't learn from the consequences. Failing a test, betrayal, abandonment in a relationship, being overlooked for a promotion, a bitter divorce or unapproved credit can cause you to over learn an experience. You feel burned and you stop asking, believing and growing. You close your heart and mind because of past results. Who or what has "burned" you badly? Who or what is showing up in your life right now? Life is full of risks. There are no guarantees. But you are guaranteed to continue living in lack and stagnation until you are ready to change your perception of the past and your self-worth. Break the yoke of fear, denial and procrastination.

Excerpt from the book "You Are Too Blessed to Be Stressed"
by Jewel Diamond Taylor)

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