Friday, March 27, 2009

April is National Poetry Month

HeArt of the Matter

By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney©03

While the water laughed all around me…
And the wind opened its mouth to sing this song to me… Again.
“I was moving backward on a forward highway…
Shall I question (again) if this is what makes me whole?”
That is, for me, the heart of the matter.

This thing, I am tilted toward…
Is it a renaissance?
Can this phoenix bend the river’s current…
To what needs fulfillment?
For me, it is the heart of the matter.

Leading a satisfied life is my heart’s dream.
Throughout my soul are songs reaching…
For what beyond what I settled for.
Suppressing no more as the bough breaks
The matters of the heart, is for me.

No longer fine with regurgitated whine.
A sad, sad song spinning its wheel...
All that it kicked up was dirt…
But going nowhere in so much hurry.
Can I do it? Will you do it?
Turn on the light! Banish the shadows, so I can shine.
That is the heart of the matter.

Let me whisper loudly from my heart’s recesses.
I need to walk proudly graced with dignity.
And preserve all the beauty that is going forwardly through the shining waters.
It is I, the heart that matters.
All rights reserved JHM 03©

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