Monday, March 16, 2009

Ask yourMama: 12 Moods of Jazz~ Langston Hughes Project

It is wonderful. Highly recommend you listen to the excerpts and when it comes to a town near you go and have the experinece!

Family folklore speaks of a blood relations between my grandfather Alexander Hughes and Langston. whether true or not I enjoy just the thought of it. Mr. Hughes dies the year I was 16 and graduating from high school, my grandfather, Alexander Hughes died when I was 5 in New Orleans. My last memory of him was of a smiing grandfather handing this child a toy violin. Several years later I took violin lessons in grade school at Alfred Lawless Elememtary which has been demoilished in Katrina. I was not good at it but I have the memory. I did later become a visual artist & a poet, so perhaps it is in the DNA?

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