Thursday, December 31, 2009

On the eve of the Beginnng of the Last Year of the 1st Decade of the 21st Century

Sent to me by another artst. A gem in the NY Times:

A Final Word
By Illegal ART

What did you leave unsaid this year? A goodbye? A comeback? A revelatory thought?
...words remind us of things we should have said, but didn't, and maybe things we said, but now regret.
They also remind us that with a new year only hours away, there's still time to get in an important last word before the clock stricks midnight. "

I said way too much this year and way too little.
I wish I had told my late brother in law that I loved him, more often.
I wish even more that I had shown it.
To the people who I was rigid with or unforgiving, I wish I had been kinder.
I have been forgiven much and welcome back into many folds. I wish I had had courage and grace enough to to do the same for others.
In the new year I will do better.
Life is short and it can be so sweet if we make it that way.
Create your own reality.
Forgive more, tell people you love them more. Then show them.
I thank all my Spirit Mothers and Spirit sisters and my Mom for life and loving me.
I thank my children for growing into wonderful adults and for loving me, when I am less than perfect.
Fly free of regret, by lettting go or healing a hurt if you can.
There is only love..
We still have 11 hours.
Aiming High on into 2010

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