Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To Be Real

To Be Real
By Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney 09©

What will be left, if we do not see
A necessity
To put our faces real
In a world who thus far
Leans away
With feet of clay
(all will say)
Tell tale, varnished lies,
That we sell ourselves
We knew all along
What we’ve been doing is wrong
And all along
We know it does not work
But we continue to reel
In the stress & strife
With perverted delight
And call it life
Although its all a sham
Yes m’aam
Fooloishly chasing
(man oh man)
A scripted, faux reality
And we kneel
To something that is not real
All the time resistng
The Source of all life
We can carry on … do less
Or give rise to our best
To be real
For it is the deal
All right reserved JHM12-13-09©

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