Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reflectiing: An unexpected gift from an Unexpected Source...

I was very pleased today in receiving 2 beautifully hand made cards from 2 people on opposite sides of the country. And then a visit from another artist and a hilarously good time phone call from another long time friend who I will be seeing in her 1st ever trip to N.O ever in 3 weeks.

To say I was happy is an understatement about today. I am an extrovert & love company & love interactng with artists, even when we are not talking about art. My oddest moment,though, was an unexpected knock at the door. It was from an neighbor who had not, along with his family, been the most neighborly person over the last several weeks.

He came bearing a lovely poster celebrating Essence 10th Anniversary in NewOrleans that he said felt exemplified what he saw as my style.

And he was dead on right...

I think the artist may be Charles Bibbs or LaShaun Beal. If any reader is from New Orleans,or attended Essence n 2004, who was the artist who did Essence 10th anniversary poster for 04?

More importantly in his own clumsy way, I suspect he was trying to make amends for the behavior of him & his family since I've moved in the neighborhood. He is aware I am moving out of the neighborhood shortly & I take that it was by way an apology.

I would have preferred a change in the actions that brought it to this (the move), but I squeal with delight over the poster which seemed to please him. It was indeed a lovely gesture as well as my response to this unexpected gift.

Just go to show we just will never completely figure out human beings and maybe it just as well.

It keeps life interesting, eh?

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