Monday, December 14, 2009

Thrown Rocks..

Near the levees-Lower Ninth Ward 10-09
Fallen Tree-Lower 9th Ward 10-09

Pending storm Uptown 10-09 JHM

I am writing the most difficult but necessary blog today, but have been encouraged by those who've already responded. Unless you've been visiting another plane and just returned you already know we've been heavily,deeply in a most painful recession.

No rocket scientist is needed to tell us that.

Having his shared experence wih many Americans somehow does notmakeme feel better. hs room is crowded to overflowing and more are(in)voluntarly joing his party. I know we will get through it but right now it is not a party I had no reciev an invitation to.

I've have had rugs pulled out from under me before. You would too if you have had a career in the arts & one will always manage, but truly for me this is the 1st time I've had in over 20 years have been devoid of income from any source. Its been 25 years since I've collected unemployment. Mind you, unemployment would look mighty good about right now, but that death knell occurred a painful death 4 months ago with no word on whether I would get the new extended benefis (yet).

I have to remind myself to breathe and find creative ways to care for basic needs as many others. I am thankful I have no one else who is depending on me to pull a rabbit out of that as I do not know if I could bear that and admire those who daily have to find a way out of no way.

This is no whine even though it is a tempting thought,but I cannot afford the luxury or expend the entergy in doing so.

With the rug pulled out from underneath me a few weeks ago, I have to find a way to take those rocks and build a castle and I have to do it quickly.

I am in a position right now that I have to leave my dwelling which is now unsafe for my health & physical safety.

However I cannot do this alone. And searching for a creative way to facilitate such a move.

I've come up with a possibility that I will share tomorrow

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