Saturday, December 20, 2008

Zydeco! A'Twas

The late Boozoo Chavis

Now if Ican only find Lynn August

The late Beau Jacque performing my all time favorite song of his "Cornbread"

Now for a Zydeco line Dance

For those who do not know the difference Zydeco a North African word translated as "snapbean" orgins are African. The grandfather of R&B, Blues & Soul. Zydeco was the music of African enslaved people who while not permitted to play music of Africa at the risk of death,took Cajun music and mixed it with African rhythms

It's Cajun music with soul & rhythm. There is a call & response between instruments.

Cajun music is indigenous to Cajun people who are the descendent from those who migrated here from Nova Scotia, Canada, originally exiled from France for religious beliefs.

The two musical forms are often interchanged many with creolized words from Africa & from France.

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