Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Before the Dawn~Dream a Little Dream for me...

Before the Dawn" Photography by JHM All rights reserved©08
Things come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle

- Abraham Lincoln

There are people who think all they have to do is imagine something and it just happens. That visualization is the end all be all to bring something to fruition simply by envisioning & that's all. That by simply imagining it without no work being put into it riding on a magical mystical tour it (whatever you want) will plop into your lap because you thought it up.
As one who dreams unabashedly & freely with no plans to stop, (in fact one of my perennial favorite cartoons was "Bobby's World" that was out in the 70's and I pray is still airing somewhere). Bobby's World was of an adorable 4 year old on his Big Wheel bike who had an incredible imagination and live well with them. But the dreams existed in his world and parents had to step in many time for a reality check.
But if imagination was all it took, I would have been a overnight success. Well as Eddie Cantor,actor, once said: "It takes twenty years to be an overnight success"

Traveling with a women's empowerment conference for almost a decade and that was a common theme. I watch many women step out, did the work and were successful, there were others who did the work, had not done the visualization & were less successful (perhaps) and the ones who could not see it, avoided doing the work and you can imagine the end result.

But among the ones who were successful said that many times their success was far beyond what they could imagine! And those who's vision did not meet reality. Stuff happened.

Shucks if my vision had been on target I would have my MacArthur Fellow by now, been interviewed on CBS Sunday Morning and received my Kennedy Honor in the Arts.

And who's to say it may not happen at some point? But other things I had envision came to fruition, but let me tell you it was with a lot of hard work and sacrificing, a great sense of humor and a bucket full of tears.

In fact, I was watching the Kennedy Honors last night and the first segment was on Morgan Freeman, one of my favorite actors. Though he had started the business age age 9 he was 50, yes, 50 before he achieve his breaking movie "Driving Miss Daisy" and now at 71 years young, he is receiving this honor. He was no less talented at age 20, 30 or 40 and created an impressive body of work, but still he was 50 which is the kiss of death in an industry that worships the young to get his breakout movie. He could have stopped and threw in the towel early on but what a loss to us all if he had...

For one, I do believe in having vision and encourage people to think out of the box, to use or re-use their ability to imagine. Imagination is as necessary to life as is breathing.

It has kept me going many a day when especially when things seem bleak.

But I know I also have to put the work in and after it is all said in done post all of it, to let things work themselves out. Sometimes things working themselves out may take a direction you least expected to enjoy things way beyond anything you would have imagined.

"The Bible stated: Joseph dreamt another dream…Dream another dream. If one thing fails, try something else. Learn from your mistakes and try it again. So what if it got hard for a season, it will only be that way for a season". ~Tyler Perry

Dream a little dream of me...

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