Friday, December 26, 2008

Then it is Done

There will always be people who will rise up when the going is tough. Some people have good intentions, others intended to do good… and then there are those who do it.~ Moon-ism
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What a highly delightful and pleasurable thing it is when we follow an intention to completion. All of us at times have intended to do something, to do something good and then the moment passes, we get distracted by everyday things or we are really scared to step up and do it.
There is a price to be paid in the doing it..the recipient might not be receptive, we did not get the results we thought we should've gotten from it, dreams of grandeur turns out not to be so grand. We might be mocked, snickered at, not taken seriously and may even be vilified. Or for some the "worst" would be is that the doing may actually happen, just like we wanted or even beyond our wildest dreams!
And then where will we be? Happy? Satisfied? Live abundantly? Indescribable joy so awesome it almost hurt?
Or peace beyond measure because we did it...
I've been guilty of it even to the point of sabotaging my efforts to continue by dragging my heels, allowing distractions which can take many forms, but always familiar to get in the way of the doing it.
We've all have heard, said it "He/she "meant" well" but good intentions are just that intentions.
purpose of something that is intended; that state of someone's mind at the time of an of a event.
Intention: noun
course of action that a person intends to follow.
It reminds me of the word "trying" that is used so frequently. I've used it, perhaps you too? But intending or trying seems a nice way of getting out what one should be doing but looking for a way out of stepping up, but without losing face.
So here we are; another year has gone by and have you gone back to look at what you tried to do, intended to do and did it? I am happy to say and some of it to my surprise that I actually got out of the way of myself and did it! There no way it was easy in the process, infact there were some downright scary "oh no what had I gon' & did" moments. And others I was so ready to walk away and crawl up in the bed frozen & locked, but I did do it and saw it though I cannot say to the end, because the end has not happened yet.
Making the decisions was impelling, it was like I was compelled to go ahead by inner needs that had to be met.
So what will it be for you? Stay with good intentions ..
Or intend and then do.
See what is out there at the end and then butterflies will be free!
How cool is that?

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