Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh Happy Feet~ Isaiah's Story...

Mr. Isaiah & his happy feet post performance of "Eye of the Tiger with his 3rd grade class annual talent show!
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Whenever you get a moment to reflect how many times you put a body part down onyourself (or someone else) when you think its not good enough, needs repair, refurbihing, ignored or punished, I hope you will re-read my 9 year old soft spoken sensitive soul of my grandson Isaiah.

While some made feel he is too wimpy or "soft" or he is not displaying all the bravado that a 9 year old "should", Isaiah has already learned something about himself that many adults have not grasp.

His teacher had his 3rd grade class write a story about what body part makes them happy or their best part. Isaiah chose to write about his feet, the most milinged apparatus we seem to treat the worst but carries us everywhere.

He's learned to see through his beautiful tiger's eye which people often admire him for to accpet another part that while through the distorted lens of the world would seem defective, to say it is his best body part.

So whenever you chance to open your mouth to put yourself down, remember Isaiah's words.

Better yet, let him tell you in his own words.

Introducing Isaiah:

My Feet

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My best part of me is my feet. My feet help me run fast & helps me to stand up, walk & move. My feet are my very best part in the world. My feet are very helpful in all. My feet are so helpful when we play with each other all day long. I like my feet so much we go outside. Feet are really good to have because how are you going to move (without them).

By Isaiah
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