Saturday, June 5, 2010

Si, se puede' , Oui,nous pouvons...Yes we can..~My Class of 2010

Now I've made it through two graduations for two beautiful young people who are entering new stages in their lives... Mea graduates 1st & turns 18 on Monday. She will be off to college in Aug. Chance enters high school in the fall. This brother/ sister team are extraordinary although I know every proud grandmother says that. I up close & personal had to watch them grow through adversity's one would not desire on their worst enemies let along love ones.

Mary'Eleanor (we call her Mea for short since her full name is so long) was senior class secretary, cheerleader and an excellent vocalist. She will major in Psychology in college.
Chance a preemie at birth is a prolific cartoonist, already being sought after by the high school coach for sports (at 13 he is already 6'1). He is also carrying on the family's legacy as a musician.

Their mom, my daughter will be graduating from college in the fall. Despite pitfalls we all will share in the human experience, to see them and the family smiling like there is no tomorrow is beyond a smile...
Nothing beats an accomplishment.

I am also watching my daughter experience her rites."Losing" her 1st born to the adult world & her 1st born son approaching manhood...

I am delighted to be here to bear witness, so it was worth the 4 day trip, both ways, sacrificing much to be here and to see again how indomitable the human spirit can be & the resilience & flexibility we all can show when call to do so.We all can do what we are called to do with a fieceness that can often amaze even ourselves, despite naysayes, ones who delight comes from causing harm or even the roadblocks WE sometimes put in front of ownselves.

No matter what way you say it, it is & can be all good:

Si, se puede'
Oui, nous pouvons
Yes we can

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