Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ready...set...G R O W ! ~from Jewel Diamond Taylor

by Self-esteem Dr. Jewel Diamond Taylor
Founder of Women on the Grow, Conference Speaker, Author and Life Coach

"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland". Isaiah 43:19 (NIV)

As you make room for God to do a new thing in your life, you must have the courage to do a "new thing" for yourself. Growth requires pressing, consistency, dedication, purpose and courage. Don't wait until you are sick and tired of being sick, tired, broke, lonely, stuck, abused, invisible, frustrated and desperate.

It's time to do a new thing!

If you have been quiet... it's time to speak up.

If you have been isolated and shy... it's time get out, socialize, network and meet new people.

If you have been a spender... it's time to be a saver.

If you have been discouraged... it's time to get up and be grateful.

If you have been a receiver, it's time to be a giver.

If you've been procrastinating... it's time to take action.

If you've been angry and holding a grudge, it's time to let go.

If you have never ventured beyond your local area... it's time to travel.

If you think it's too late for's time to change your thinking and self-worth.

If you have been stuck on stupid... it's time to walk in wisdom and integrity.

If you have always been the giver... it's time learn how to receive.

If you seek escape and comfort in the wrong places and's time to learn how to cope in healthy and smarter ways.

If you receive invitations to gossip or's time to decline the invitation.

If you are always wearing your superwo(man) cape... it's time to delegate.

If you worry too much... it's time to start trusting God.

If you are always late and unorganized... it's time to start being punctual and reliable.

If you have been prideful, closed and defensive... it's time to be teachable.

If you are afraid to learn how to drive, use the computer, learn a new language, go salsa dancing, start your own business, tell the grown children to move out, go on an audition or interview or find a new church home that really feeds your spirit, teaches the word of God and blesses the's time to do a new thing!

God wants to do a "new thing" in your life...but first you have to rid yourself of clutter, fear, limited thinking, poor choices and clinging to what is familiar, safe and comfortable.

Ready...set...G R O W !

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