Monday, June 22, 2009

Wigs, Butterflies and other Crazy things that can Happen on a Sun Sun Monday (for a Free Woman)

Wigs, Butterflies and other Crazy things that can Happen on a Sun Sun Monday (for a Free Woman)

By JHM©09

Can I Parler sans fards? ( to speak openly)?

I have to be frank and said everything started on Sunday and heated up on Monday for me. Some have known that I had been talking for awhile about returning home to New Orelans this year but timing had not been right. A place I had been looking at rather casually and had actually veto ended up being revisited this week with renewed interest. After trying to find it on Google Earth unsuccessfuly, I enlisted the aid of someone else and thankfully they found it!

Upon my searching out the neighborhood an adjacent street caught my attention. It sounded vaguely familiar but I did not know from where. And then it struck me, my parents, when I was a wee, newly born itty bitty one, lived on this adjacent street! So I went on a search after confirming it on my birth certificate & found the place which literally was 3 blocks over from the house I am getting.
My 1st thoughts were “hmm so I am really returning to my roots”. My 94 year old mother confirmed the house which was boarded up after Katrina. While doing this something clicked in my head from a article I read upon arising today on the Power & the Vision” of how some people, many times spend their whole lives:

“it's interesting that most work makes us look downward, while dreams lift our eyes to the sky. While you're keeping that nose to the grindstone, make sure you keep your head up to see where you're going”.

I've always known I was going somewhere even if the “where” may not always be clear & apparent to me and even less to others. As the artist, Karen Bethea , said to me today” I believe some people are being positioned in many aspect for some things big to happen. And if you are in the right place at the right time and ready, you will be there to reap large benefits”.

Of course those benefits may be different things to different people. But what is clear if you are not there you will reap absolutely no thing but the same old thing. And the same old thing can get really old, you can start to tolerate what’s intolerable, suffer in silence, get smaller, shrinking down and expectations narrow and then you are stuck miserable, bored and not filled.

Not even knowing why or worse how you got there…
And even worse, how to get yourself out of it.

So while looking into my little garden courtyard, I saw my 1st butterfly of the season. It was beautiful sort of a yellowed lime or a limed yellow color almost translucent. I found myself smiling and wow I get to see some before I leave. And then I stepped out into the garden and though it was high noon fed my plants, watering the ground, being soothe by the act though my thoughts were grumbling over some of the plants still not in the ground and other bulbs I will not get in the ground when it hit me, a missing link of my “Bringing it on Home” project I want to implement once I get there. It was part of a proposal that was not accepted a year and a half ago when I thought I was going elsewhere.

But here was a golden opportunity to bring this vision into fruition! And what a better place then New Orleans with its transformation in action now to do this! If that butterfly had not graced my garden on a Sun Sun Monday I might not have stepped outside to water and subsequently gotten the idea.

Of course I am not attributing anything mystical to this. My mind was relaxed, clear and comforted which allowed my creative juices to flow and with it the vision came & the idea resurfaced with a plan.

So now what do wigs have to do with all of this?

Whenever I am ready for a change, I get the urge to cut my hair. Some women will identify with this. I’ve worn a curly blond fro for almost a decade and now I am bored, not knowing what I wanted to do as I am not prolific with hair. I knew I wanted to change the color, wasn’t sure what style when I decided to look up wigs which can evoke a different mood experimenting with different looks without a permanent investment. So I found three. One is reminiscent of a period of Erykah Badu’s many looks or a 1970’s earlier Pam Grier style.

Yet another of an earlier Phyllis Yvonne Stickney, an actress and comedian I admire. Sharp clean and distinctive and one of a style I enjoyed on Gabrielle Union. Understand, I am not a 59 year old woman looking to be 16 who is aspiring to look 25 (years old). I am not going to lose me, but a fresher transformed me is where I want to be.

So among a lot of smaller but weird things that occurred today, these were the thing that swung my day’s rhythms. I never got to my "to do list" for a Sun Sun Monday, but that’s ok because what needed to be done was indeed done.

How cool is that? ©09

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