Monday, June 29, 2009

I'll be there

Michael Jackson!~Paul Deo, artist-New Orleans

I wanted to wait a few days to see where I wanted to go with this but I was bushwhacked with what I see as unneccesary, tacky, calloused ,needless comments about the death of Michael Jackson. It appears to me in the mind & hearts of some there seems to be some level of perverse pleasure in dancing on a human being even before his once amazing life had completely drained away. I know we live in a different time today where shattered souls, fractured ones may think that somehow this behavior is alright.

Perhaps in that world it does, but...

Perhaps it wishful thinking but even those who want to make a mockery of a life snuffed should have somewhere in their hearts a small fragment,a microscopic shred of common decency for a family who have lost someone they loved. No matter where you are in your belief, good grief have respect and courtesy for his mama , his children and his siblings.

If you have never lost a child and it don't matter if the "child" is 50, please for a moment let them have a moment. How is it benefiting you or any one in the world for that matter for you to restrain yourselves. How is that fleeting moment or rush worth it to be so heartless& cruel. It wouldn't matter if if was Michael Jackson, performer or Mike Jackson, the garbage man, a mother has to bury her son. No one should have to endure that pain. I refuse to believe we have regress to a level of barbaric behavior that we are immune or without moral conscious thought for the suffering of another.

A quote I saw once at a funeral hall when I buried my grandmother stated "How you treat the dead is how you will treat the living".

Search, please, dig hard, borrow, buy or appropriate for a moment, a shred of humanity. I would pray that no one would dance on your grave or make a mockery of your life..then to, maybe they will considering the behavior of some in the world today.

When all the vultures, exploiters, critics have been satiated from picking the marrow clean and move onto a new prey, long after for a moment the shock subsides, recedes and return sometime/many times return in waves, long after people return to their lives, the music and the artistry will remain. A mother will still have lost a son, brothers and sisters will still have lost a brother.

And innocent children will have lost a father.

I know I probably have more to say later but I felt for a moment I needed to address this. As someone I know commonly says "vake what you want and leave the rest alone".

So touching was Sister Janet dignity despite her grief...

It won't cost you much and might even save you...

Look.. I see a new heavens and a new earth.. where mouning nor outcry or pain will be no more...the former things will have passed away..."

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Anonymous said...

I am so saddened by, ABC "news" they covered the services well enough. with respect.

Than, announce "tonite 9/8pm the battle for the children" or close to that title.

Could they not give the Jackson
family One full day of respect and peace to say good bye.

No matter your likes or dislikes of music, or anything else. Give respect for loss of


I am so angry at them and all te others, I know they will continue to trash and destroy in front of those children, yet just

One Day of Grace