Friday, November 7, 2008

Those Rhtyhms & Hues

left to right: Da Face©07 (on pillar) Sounds of the Men ©99 (in rear) Salsa ©98 right wall

Salsa~Rhythm Dancer 86x96 All rights reserved JHM©98
Shown at the American Jazz Museum 2008

I Wanna Send to ya

I wanna send some swing to ya…
My solitude is not a millstone imbibed in a gilded cup behind translucent shades.Ya see…I’ve been rocked by the wind and warmed by the sun.Is my green blued? As in a finely tuned riff?Or did the purple immersed samba graced a sienna sky?I wanna throw some rhythms to ya…As you incline on the red leather de-vine…With…your…Main…Squeeze.Sharing the sanctuary with my moments .That will groove and then settles behind my right shoulder waiting for the muse…
To begins.

I wanna hold the be-bop for ya…Straight ahead to the road…Where purple moons will come and purpler heavens to meet ya.Incline your ear toward majestic sharps…That grabs and pull ya!
Grace the tunes…
Is my green blue?
Or my round up?
Now swang will ya?
So the funk can get to ya!
I wanna groove the soul to ya…
Suspended, I am.
By the crooning in my heart.
The in-between submerged right behind my left ear where all my hopes and dreams…
Begged to begin
.Love-ness in the yearning-flower, seeking the right words to explain itself.
Showering the scope.
And then…
I wanna exude the blues to ya.
I was born by the rivers and the whistle-walks.
Where the wind ran at liberty and there were no enclosures…
For the spot between my eyes where all that I will be dwells
And the blues continues.
I wanna flow the jazz to ya…
With silvered sculptured treble clefs…
Washing over curried brick clay.
Enchanted with…
Yeah it was…
Mellowed afternoon sun showering over a red leather de-vine.
Toward mellowed days and mellower nights.
And that is what I want to send to ya.
All rights reserved By the Light of the Moon ©02 JHM

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