Friday, October 17, 2008

Taking responsibility for your Success

Photograph shot in Durham,North Carolina All rights reservedJHM08

The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm.
- Swedish proverb

We all need support from other people. Love, encouragement, words of advice and friendship will help you get through the important stages in your life. When people are in your corner, you feel like taking on any challenge. As important as help from others may be, though, it all has to start with you. If you're waiting for someone to solve your problems, or wondering when someone is "going to do something about that," you may be waiting a long time--unless you look to yourself first. Take responsibility for your own situation and think of what concrete steps you'll take today to help it. If you're going to need help, it's only fair that the person with the most at stake (you) is willing to make the most effort. When someone is pulling you out of a hole and has grasped your hand, you still must take the first step to climb out, or you're just going to be hanging there.

Thanks Sparks People

Moon-ism : It is not the only place, but the best place. We all have different skill levels, ability, strength and circumstances. It is also about finding the balance between self sufficency and be wise enough to know and ask for assistance when needed. And the one who could assist to do so freely, generously without judgement, criticism and condescension.

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