Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nothing from Nothing Leaves Nothing.

Ascending Moon photograph All rights reservedJHM©08

It is the person who has done nothing who is sure that nothing can be done~Ewing

The best way to persuade someone to your point of view is to prove it. While others talk about why something can’t be done, leave them alone with their fault-finding and just go out and show them wrong. This strategy of action works to battle self-criticism too. You may have been born with the confidence to face any challenge, but most of us start off feeling like there’s nothing we can do. You can do more than you think, but if you never try to prove it, you’ll never convince yourself of that fact. Experience is the best teacher around. It’s also the best confidence builder. The more you do, the more obstacles you overcome, the more you realize that anything is possible. When faced with the unknown, it’s a great feeling to know that no matter what happens, you can handle it and find a solution.

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