Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tres Bien! An extraordinary artist~ Michele Lambert

Artist Statement

My process is about the energy in the light, and the color reflected from that light. Space is what is left. I feel the energy of that space and time. I can see it, taste it, and smell it. I experience it with all my senses and get to know it. I approach the subject by painting shapes and dark colors, leaving white space and then refine it until I feel I know it as much as I need to.

I paint from dark to light which is exactly the opposite of what I was taught in art school. But it’s the way I see it and it feels right to me. I like the feeling of getting as deep as I can and coming back out of it with intense bright light, color and definition. By using layers and layers of color it makes the work complicated and rich.

My artwork is like me, it is very simple and direct. I am a purist by nature. I don’t use props, projectors or mixed media. I work only with acrylic and water. I don’t follow any rules, I don’t measure, I don’t have a plan. I have a natural ability to put things into perspective. I visualize it and I paint it.

Everyone has feelings that are unique to them and the art’s job is to bring those feelings forward. If you see my work from the corner of your eye and look back because it makes you stop, draws you to look deeper into it and then look again , if it conjures up a feeling in you, then it’s done it’ job.”


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