Monday, December 15, 2014

Here We Glow! Seasoned en Vieux Officially opens Dec 16th

"Mama Sylvia"~Terrence Osborne, artist in the Collection of Sylvia Robinson

Cocoon I (l on pillar above table)~Silk Rivers Metals
Hidden Eye~ Kichea Burt, photographer  Lee Grue, poet
Shanghai Blonde (l) Silk Rivers Metal
1920s Downtown New Orleans (r)~Michele Lambert, artist

"Going Mellow~Marietta Johnson, artist (l)
"Surrounded By Friends"~ Slyvia B. Simpson (r)
"Around the World"~ Susan Charles, artist (l)
"Hannibal"~ Dianne Baquet, artist (r)
"Around the World"~ Susan Charles artist
" Mediatating on His Goodness"~Irma White, artist

A Different Vieux

"Unseen"~ Corrie Boudreaux, Photographer

White Phoenix Coat ( wearable art)~Beesigye Ogden & Alfred Tumblin, designers


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