Thursday, December 25, 2014

Synergy en Vieux: Seasoned en Vieux

NEW ORLEANS, LA - December 15, 2014 – Galerie 1504 is pleased to present a
group exhibition of new works featuring all Gallery artists. The “Seasoned en Vieux” (A Seasoned View) exhibition will run from December 19, 2014 – January 13, 2015 

Galerie 1501 partners with Reinments of Power & through the generousity of HRI Properties in presenting “Seasoned en Vieux" or “A Seasoned View” is a multi-faceted exhibit with a number of thought provoking themes that are meant to dispel the common thought of our society as a whole. One of the most prevalent of these themes being that individual talent does not simply dissipate with age, but rather it grows in wisdom and perspective as time passes. Just as this theme is meant to dispel these specific misconceptions in both the creative realm and general society, it is also intended as a caveat of positive change for senior citizens & their allies, to dispel the myth about the ones who are entering their encore years with panache!

 This exhibit is a part of the The Fig Tree Project pop-up series, spotlighting various collections of art for a limited time in alternative spaces.

Galerie 1501 partners with Reinments of Power &  HRI Properties to present “Seasoned en Vieux" exhibition. This multi-faceted exhibition of new work features distinctive Gallery of artists and we invite you to visit soon. The exhibit is part of the Fig Tree Project pop-up series, spotlighting various collections of art for a limited time in alternative spaces. The venue is live & in living color at 1501 Canal Street in the historic Texaco building bordering Faouborg Treme & downtown New Orleans.

“Seasoned en Vieux” is made up of various artistic disciplines; such as photography, studio art, studio art quilts, sculptures, muralists, and wearable art form manifested in the ingenious styling of Alfred Tumblin & Beesiyge Ogden. This team gives homage to a time where fine craftmanship & styling was vibrant & alive mixed with a modern twist!

The exhibit will also feature pieces by New Orleans’ own, Terrence Osburne, Michele Lambert, "visual poet" artist Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney, artists Farris Armand & Sheila Phipps. Many of these works are city inspired pieces that reflect the extraordinary history and traditions that have set the city of New Orleans apart from anywhere else in the world.

Seventy-five percent of the twenty-nine artists featured are over the age of 60. This impressive representation of senior artists only exemplifies the thought that true artists never retire...they only become more seasoned.  Eight of the artists are under the age of 60 with our youngest being 17 &  several veterans are presented.  It highlights that an intergenerational vieux can blend easily when it come to art, adding to the flow that does not needlessly box people in.

HRI Properties has kindly donated this temporary exhibit space in a mission to enhance the lives and sensibilities of their tenants,as well as,creating a synnergy further enhancing the vibrancy of the ongoing Canal Street Renaissance.

Galerie hours are 1-4pm Monday Wednesday & Friday, and by appointment.
For additional information please contact Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney,curator at

"The Blues Club"~Jeff Todd
Rare Birds, Lynn Dave,artist
Karel Sloane-Boekbinder (bottom)
Jesse Freeman, artist

Jeff Todd,artist

"White Phoenix Coat" Alfrid Tumblin & Beesiyge Odgen


Closeup of Choker

The Goddess Dress~Alfrid Tumblin & Beesiyge Ogden
On Mirrored Table: The Old Wolf with The Silver Fox~ Pastels on Slate
Background Wall Magnolias ~Lynn Dave, oils
"Baby Boy"~Farris Armand

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