Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Seasoned en Vieux exhibition: Heart & Soul... It is Time...

This is a exceptional imagery is created by Michele Lambert.  The 60x36 powerful, poignant & pregnant with all the raw emotions of the still, most cataclysmic diaster in U.S history was captured in this piece.

With August 2015 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina right around the corner, it is the expressed desire of the artist to have either a corporation, a art buyer/benefactor or an fiscal angel to purchase the piece but keeping it in a public domain for viewing.

It is not about the money, although as a working artist, she is no different then others needing to provide for herself.  But Michele has been very generous in donating numerous prints for fundraisers with the money going to charities. 

The original work in the Seasoned en Vieux exhibition running from December 16th- January 12th, 2015 as well as all the prints will go to the purchaser as it is time...

The artist hopes that whomever that patron/benefactor will sell the prints with the monies donated to the charity of their choice.

Michele Lambert feels it is time...If not sold by the August 2015 anniversary, the piece will be destroyed.

We cannot let that happen.

I alwaysbelieve it is to the artist to define what, when, why and how theydo what they do with their art.  I do believe this piece speaks volumes of that time in 2005, that some pretend to forget, or water down (no pun intended) or dismiss. But for those who experienced it, it is seared.

Below you will see parts of the art, but I am telling you, the pictures does not do the art justice.
You must come to  Galerie 1501 at 1501 Canal Street, New Orleans, La to see.  Operating hours MWF 12p-3p or call for appt.

The Galerie 1501 is taking no commission on this piece.
This is the heart & soul of the matter.

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